Tam Tam App

During my short internship at Tam Tam I had the chance to work on my own project with another intern. We had to make a better version of their current Tam Tam app. The app was outdated and didn’t match the needs and wants of the target group. The employees didn’t use the app and it crashed a lot too.

In our own project we had to do user research to find out what the needs and wants of the target group was. We divided all the people from the organisation into three groups and focussed on what all the three groups had common in their needs and wants. They wanted the app to be more personal and have a good overview of their planning and vacation days. One thing they all had in common also was that they wanted to book their hours easy, fast and on-the-go.

We translated those needs and wants into a concept that will give them real value and easily achieve their goals. We sketched a lot and thought about quick and easy navigation. We made a different prototypes and tested them with the employees. After a lot of iterations, feedback and tips we made a beautiful prototype with easy navigation that fits perfectly for the target group.

At the end of our internship we gave a presentation with our concept and prototype and the employees were very excited about the app.

I learned a lot at my internship, especially about visual design, consistency, patterns, icons and how to give good presentations.

Check out the prototype.