Sportbrand Mana

During my minor I had to design and make my own sport brand. This was a very different project than I’m normally used to (websites/services/apps). I came up with the sport brand Mana, that stands for power and vital energy in Hawaiian. A short catchy name. My sport brand should radiate power, energy and dynamic, woman that aren’t afraid of sweating and work hard.

For this subject I had to make a process book, where I had to document my whole process of the sport brand. A couple shots from my process book while designing a logo and look and feel of the name.

I choose for big, popping sans-serif quotes, strong photography, to match the appearance of the brand. I’m very happy with the outcome of the whole project. Branding is something that I find really interesting, thinking about the brand, what it should radiate with matching photography, typography, colours and clothes.