Jungleminds CUI

During my graduation internship at Jungleminds I had to work with three other interns on our own project. Jungleminds likes new trends within technology, so we had to make a conversational user interface for the Jungleminds website. During this internship I tried the role of project manager and was interaction designer in the project.

Also for this project we did a lot of user research to conversational user interfaces and the target groups. We looked for a way to give the conversational user interface value to the visitors of the Jungleminds website. The goals of the project were getting more talent at Jungleminds by impressing the visitors, transfer the culture of Jungleminds and giving users an unique experience on the website.

At this moment the website of Jungleminds gives enough information about what Jungleminds makes, but nothing about what is happening besides projects. After brainstorming, trying different concepts we knew how the conversational user interfaces will give real value to the customers. How the website gives information about what Jungleminds does in their projects, the conversational user interface can tell more about the activities beside the projects. We came up with the concept ‘the chatterbox’, a conversational user interface that blows life with a strong personality in a static website. The visitors can chat with the conversational user interface to learn more about Jungle Minds, like ‘een kijkje in de keuken’.

The conversational user interface we came up with is very unique from all the other conversational user interfaces that already exist online. With this concept, there is an interaction between the website and the conversational user interface. How the website acts on the conversational user interface, the conversational user interface also acts on your behaviour on the website.

I performed tasks like doing user research, making the planning and budget calculations, giving presentations, concepting, sketching and thinking about interactions with the conversational user interface, thinking about the flow, making prototypes and observe and note during user tests.

Doing this project was totally out of my comfort zone. Conversational user interfaces was a totally new topic for me and there were a lot new things to learn and think about, especially with the interaction. I learned a lot about animations, different interactions, timing and flows. It was a great experience with new upcoming technology.