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learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence

About myself

Hi! My name is Pinar Kesenci and I'm a UX designer based in Amsterdam. I'm 22 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam and currently in my graduation year of the study Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. You can describe me as a creative enthusiastic person who tries to get the best out of everything. I'm very motivated, eager to learn and curious. My biggest skills are interaction design, sketching, doing research and create flows that helps the user achieve their goals. Check out my cv for my working experience.

User experience design

Designing creative solutions for digital platforms with the best user experience is my passion. I love to learn everything about functionality, navigation, flow and interaction.


I love rapid prototyping. Sketching, testing with users and making iterations. From paper prototypes to concept or usability prototypes. I have a strong affinity for layout, color and typography.


Thinking about the needs and wants of the user and translating this into a concept that gives the users added value to their life is awesome. I like sketching, brainstorming and idea generation.

My portfolio

Binscope app

Tam Tam app


Jungleminds CUI

Amstelhuis app

Sportbrand Mana

Get in touch?

You can reach me on Facebook, LinkedIn and e-mail