Amstelhuis App

Another project we had to do for CMD was the project for the Amstelhuis. On this project I worked with one other student. The Amstelhuis is a place where elderly people around the age of 70 live. They have a slight care question, but they still live independently. The needs of these elderly people is to have a pleasant environment and enjoy their last life phase.

The question of the direction of the Amstelhuis was they wanted to have an interactive installation in the Amstelhuis and use high-tech to increase the social cohesion.

I had the role of user experience designer in this project. I performed tasks like user research, making persona’s, wireframes, storyboards, translating the user needs and wants into a concept, validating the concept with the target group with prototypes, thinking about flow and navigation, making a test plan, usability testing, giving presentations and making design documents.

The problem we saw in the Amstelhuis was that everything is just word of mouth communication and because of that residents often miss each others. There is no tool to inform residents of activities, events or problems within the Amstelhuis.

Our concept is the interactive event and chars board. It’s an app where residents of the Amstelhuis can organise events and ask for help from other residents. With this app we ensure that current relations are maintained and new relations are being created. Personal and close relationships are created and one is more likely to help each other in case of an emergency.

Check out our prototype